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New research, Scientific Meetings in the Digital Age: The what, where, when and how of evolving HCP demand and pharmaceutical supply has revealed what healthcare professionals (HCPs) want from scientific meetings and indicates where the pharmaceutical industry's strategy focus could improve. The report includes topics such as format, value, frequency, obstacles, preferences, accreditation, impact and funding related to global and regional events.

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Tib Catania talks about the challenges of providing access to scientific meetings which suitably meets HCP demand in the Digital Age. Tib's presentation is based on the latest research from EPG Health.


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Posted 22 Mar 2018

Involving 1300 delegates, 135 speakers, 87 pharma companies, 82 sessions, 15 workshops, 3 awards and 1 amazing city, eyeforpharma Barcelona 2018 sessions focussed on how Pharma can become 'the solution'. With an audience poll revealing that two-thirds believed that to achieve this, industry must put everything into being a trusted healthcare partner, a top line up of speakers set about discussing what this really means and how to achieve it. The following quotes provide just a flavour ...

Posted 13 Dec 2017

12 drummers drumming: 12 quotes from thought leaders that beat the drum about pharma's multichannel journey during 2017

Posted 12 Dec 2017

All the resources about scientific meetings in the digital age available in one place.

Posted 12 Dec 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we collate some special features which summarise some of the highlights of our year here at EPG Health - Unwrapping the present & the future: A year of multichannel pharma engagement.

Posted 30 Oct 2017

​​​​​​​When considering whether or not to attend a conference or event, only 11% of healthcare professionals (HCPs) do not investigate whether there is virtual access to sessions and materials, and 90% agree that access to information and discussion beyond a scientific meeting helps them to apply new medical approaches more quickly. This makes compelling evidence for the need to provide better online access to meetings.

Posted 24 Oct 2017

‘You can’t do it alone’ was the statement up for discussion and an initial poll revealed that the question of most interest to the circa 200 attendees was ‘What do you think a scientific meeting will look like in 5 years?’ The webinar, which took place on the 18th October '17, was an hour-long interactive session. Watch the video on demand or read an overview of the webinar discussion.

Posted 27 Sep 2017

It is no longer sufficient to provide onsite scientific meetings. For the foreseeable future, there is still high demand for national and international conferences (over two thirds of HCPs say meetings continue to be the most important way for them to gain new information and skills) but the modern meeting calls for a more integrated and multi-channel approach to content delivery.

Posted 15 Aug 2017

The decision to include modern features in a pharma setting is relatively easy to make, but knowing why they could be of benefit marks the difference between the optimum user experience and an undesirable bounce rate.

Posted 22 May 2017

EPG Health Media has launched a new research study into medical meetings. Investigating how HCP demand and Industry supply is changing in a multichannel world, the report is due for release in September 2017.

Posted 03 Apr 2017

How can the divide be lessened between those who are office- and lab-based, and the clinicians interacting with patients on a daily basis, to improve patient outcomes?

Posted 29 Mar 2017

The eyeforpharma conference in Barcelona this year was the biggest to date and pharma provided 5 key takeaways relating to digital strategy.

Posted 23 Feb 2017

The 15th Annual eyeforpharma conference will take place from the 14-16th March at the CCIB in Barcelona. EPG Health Media and in-house medcomms agency DMC [Digital Medical Communications Ltd.] will be exhibiting.

Posted 22 Feb 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the buzzword of 2016 with most industries already investing in its shameless promise of revolution. Its proven uses are multiple and dynamic, but what does it mean for the customer?

Posted 23 Jan 2017

The 31st of January 2017 will see EPG Health Media and its in-house medcomms agency DMC [Digital Medical Communciations Ltd.] exhibit at the Digital Pharma Advances conference in Mayfair, London.

Posted 12 Jan 2017

The Acute and Advanced Heart Failure Knowledge Centre is now available on, providing healthcare professionals with convenient access to disease awareness information, patient quality of life data and information on prognosis and available treatment options.

Posted 03 Jan 2017

Millennial healthcare professionals (HCPs) exhibit very different behaviour to previous generations, and a very different approach is required to influence their behaviour - something that has shaken up the industry.

Posted 20 Dec 2016

2016 has been the most pivotal year to date for EPG Health Media (now 15 years in business), with exciting developments benefiting our business, pharma industry partners, HCP audiences and their patients alike.

Posted 13 Oct 2016

Our business has grown considerably in the five years that we’ve had our current logo and we felt it was time for a brand refresh. This change coincides with other significant events, including the launch of an innovative new version of, our website for healthcare professionals, and the birth of our sister company DMC [Digital Medical Communications Ltd.] - three significant launches shared on this, our 15th year.

Posted 13 Oct 2016

The 15 year technical evolution and personalisation of On September 11th 2001, I was driving back from Cambridge to my office in London, pondering a meeting I had just had with one of the software developers who was working on the ‘back end’ (databases) of a new software application we were developing for doctors.

Posted 13 Oct 2016

EPG Health Media, the established and expanding provider of targeted, measurable solutions for the life science industry, today announced the launch of the latest version of, its independent website for healthcare professionals (HCPs).