Published 16 Apr 2019


This section of the report contains responses to 19 questions, providing valuable insight into how websites fit in the mix of channels used by HCPs and pharma when accessing and providing medical information.


Pharma’s multichannel marketing practices may have evolved significantly in recent years, but with only 21% of pharma respondents to our survey stating that their HCP websites are fully integrated with other channels and activities, and 92% considering multichannel integration to be a challenge, there is clearly still some work to be done.

The saying goes that ‘variety is the spice of life’, something that can certainly be said for HCPs in relation to how they access online content. Perhaps surprisingly, HCPs rated search engines only third most important among ways of becoming aware of medical websites. They are arriving via a wide range of other routes - for example, 34% visit websites weekly via a link on social media and 56% click through to websites every week from a link within an email.

And it’s not only digital communications that we need to consider when making HCPs aware of websites. In fact, scientific meetings are reported by HCPs as their most important source of information about websites, with 64% rating them very important for this purpose. And, while only 16% of HCPs rate pharma representatives as a very important channel of information in clinical practice generally, 73% said they are more likely to visit a website after a rep shows them what is available. 

Just because websites are HCPs’ preferred and most used source of information in clinical practice, doesn’t mean that if we build them, they will find them. HCP communications about online content are an essential driver for success. Running banner advertising for this purpose is not the answer, and provides limited value for HCPs and pharma alike. 

The good news is that 73% of survey participants expect to improve their multichannel integration in 2019 and we are ready to support this progression with our report, experience, website and solutions. Find out how


HCPs say they are more likely to visit a website after a rep shows them what is available
of HCPs believe scientific meetings are very important in making them aware of HCP websites and their content
of HCPs use their personal smartphones to access websites for HCPs daily
of HCPs follow email links to medical websites each week
of pharma consider multichannel integration to be a challenge
of HCPs follow links from social media through to medical websites each week