With the COVID-19 outbreak creating worldwide concern at this time, we would like to reassure our customers of the measures taken by EPG Health to maintain quality of service.

As a company that specialises in digital communications, we are fortunate to rely primarily on remote engagement. This advantage means we remain fully operational and able to maintain productivity and service level.

Like many of our client organisations, we have now implemented remote working. Acting on the advice communicated by governments and public health authorities, it is our number one priority to protect the wellbeing of our staff, their families and the wider community. 

We would like to assure you that this does not impact on our day to day operations. We are enforcing a business continuity plan to protect employees, customers, partners, suppliers and the healthcare professionals that use our service. 

Our team is exceptionally well set up to work and collaborate remotely. They have access to established tools and processes required to fulfill commitments to all clients and will maintain the communications necessary to ensure client program delivery and maintenance.

We will continue to closely monitor and provide updates as the situation develops but customers are encouraged to discuss any concerns or business needs with your normal point(s) of contact, or to email [email protected].

While we do all we can to mitigate risk, in the event that the situation escalates to a point of potential disruption to service, we will notify impacted parties at the earliest opportunity.

You can confidently depend on us - we are in the best position to support you and your business goals at this critical time.

Wishing you, your teams and loved-ones good health.

Yours sincerely,
Chris Cooper (CEO) and team